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Become a hero by creating a safer and healthier work environment for your employees
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Hiring a facility service that needs to be constantly supervised and doesn't communicate well is wrong. We've got your back.

Companies We Work With:


They go above and beyond with their work and are always so friendly. I am posting on behalf of Turning Point in Hornell, NY

Tracey P. - Turning Point

I love your passion! You are so thoughtful of everyone around you! You always think of other people. It shows through your work, it is who you are... Enjoy your day, I so appreciate you!

Debbie R.- Addeco Staffing

I can’t even begin to say how genuine and professional this company is. Laredo and his team have the best intentions of their clients in mind with every job and are incredible at what they do. Highly recommend!

Sam M. - One click Agency

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Window Washing

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Have your Facility Cleaned for Health, Not Just Looks

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce the spread of diseases
  • Create a safer & healthier work environment
  • Boost employee morale
  • Save money from fewer sick days
  • Prevent COVID-19 exposure
  • Have peace of mind

Because we have your back, you’ll become a hero in your boss's eyes. Be a hero and not a zero!

Here's How Our Process is Different

Partner with us to create a full-service, facility cleaning program so that you can receive the peace of mind you deserve.

Imagine how much more you will be able to accomplish when you no longer have to manage the cleaning staff, inspect their work, order restroom supplies, inventory supplies, or schedule in services like matting, carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window cleaning. This sounds like a pain when you have so many other things on your plate.

So, let's get you back in your wheelhouse by pushing the button below.

We Make it Easy for You to Keep Your Facility Clean and Safe!

1. Get a Quote

We will collect the details of what your facility needs and schedule a 20- minute discovery call.

2. Schedule a Walkthrough

Once we have a general idea of your needs, we will schedule a walkthrough of your facility to calculate the dirt scale and answer on- site questions.

3. Proposal

We present your proposal and address any final concerns. Once the service agreement is signed, we will make sure your facility stays safe and clean.

What You Get With ACS:

Real- time communication with our team

A geofence notification to know exactly when our team is on site

Access to a client- specific portal that gives you direct access to leadership in our company

A transparent inspection report emailed weekly, monthly or quarterly

Peace of mind knowing the job was done right

A team that is excited to keep your facility safe and clean!


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Do you offer COVID disinfection services to your customers?
Yes. To our regular recurring clients. We act with a sense of urgency to complete requested COVID cleans
What do you consider the number one difference between ACS Facility Services and its competitors?
We are frequently told by our clients that we’re the one company that when called to have something taken care of or fixed that it gets taken care of right away. That's right...We have your back!!! You don’t have to call a second time!!!!
Security is very important to our company...how well do you screen your employees?
All ACS employees go through a thorough background check with the company BSCAI background checks which may include a drug screening. Most employees have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.
Will we have the same cleaners in our facility each time?
Yes. Should TEAM member change become permanent, you will be notified of the change and why the change was made.
Will you use wording on our service agreement that locks us into a long term contract?
Not typically. All our service agreements can be cancelled with a 90 day written notice.
*Should the agreement be of size and require a significant investment in equipment it may be necessary to utilize 1-2 year terms.
When we call your office, how quickly can we expect a response back?
ACS’s CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) will contact your TEAM leader immediately and you will receive a call back from leadership within minutes.
Do you offer floor and window care services to your clients?
Yes. To our regular recurring clients, we offer carpet cleaning, hard floor, and window cleaning services.
What kind of quality control system do you have in place?
Throughout the year we will request partnering meetings where we will inspect your facility, ask for a 1-5 quality rating, talk with you about any related cleaning issues and then report back to you on how the issue was resolved.
Are any of your worker's subcontractors?
No. All ACS cleaning techs are employees of ACS Facility Services backed by its workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and are bonded.