Medical Facilities


Do You need a way to measure the efficacy of your cleaning program?       Would you like to know what will be done, when and by whom. No guessing. No hoping.

Our CFH program addresses both the reality and the perception of clean. Infection control is a necessity in a healthcare facility. HCAHPS scores reflect the perception of clean. But infection control protocol does even more – it affects your brand. Your reputation. Your staff retention.

Your facility’s appearance is your first opportunity to make an impression.

These core ACS Systems address perception and reality:

  1. Infection Control Protocols – 5 Pillars
  2. Transparent Inspection Process
  3. Patient/Client Experience

Prescriptive Protocols

Every customized "CFH" program we create is site-specific. The protocols are dictated strictly by each client’s objectives and are predictable, consistent, transparent, and backed by science. Metrics ensure the outcome.

  • Processes We clean and disinfect your facility to joint commission agreed-upon specs.
  • Metrics We have partnered with Michael Diamond to provide site-specific evaluations results – not standard groupings for healthcare.
  • Staffing We hire based on “ideal” employee modeling. Then we find where they live and how they get to work and recruit using social media.

ACS is currently working on earning CIMS (Cleaning Industry Measurement Standards) certification through the ISSA. The international cleaning organization to ensure we have every system in place needed to provide Consistent, Reliable, Healthy Cleaning on time, every time.


ACS's "CFH" program plays a critical role in Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI) reduction. Every tool, product, protocol and training we employ is designed to impact HAI incidence.

The Patient experience is more than a smile and kind words – safety is paramount. An HAI incident can impact a facility's reputation. A facility's compassionate, caring, and engaging environment is overshadowed by a breakdown in protocol.

We FOCUS ON THE INDUSTRY identified 5 Pillars that can help reduce Healthcare ACQUIRED Infections (HAI):

  1. Hand Hygiene
  2. Process
  3. Measurement
  4. Augmentation
  5. Emerging solutions 

Is it TRUE that It begins and ends with the Patient - always.  

Is it also TRUE that everyone who walks into your facility has and deserves a Sensational Experience - the sum total creates your Brand.

ACS is focused on The Experience of all 5 stakeholders:

  • ACS Infection Control Technicians - "We place our people first,  So, they will place you first"
  • Patient
  • Family/Guests
  • Staff
  • Community