We Offer Office Cleanings For Cuba, N.Y. 14727!!!

We Offer Office Cleanings For Cuba, N.Y. 14727!!!


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[Friday, February 11, 2011]
What causes floor finish to separate and leave little craters on some areas of the floor and not on others? We are using Betco Hybrid on old VCT tile. We have had the same problem on floors that have been stripped and/or top scrubbed.
Hard & Resilient Floor Care - Thomas Baxter


There are several reasons you may have ended up with this fish-eye effect.
1) You may be applying the finish too heavily and it is unable to level well. Always try to put down thin coats and spread the finish evenly. Microfiber applicators are very good for this.
2) It is possible that the finish was shaken or the mop head pressed out in a bucket setup, introducing air bubbles that lead to the fish-eyes.
3) The other possibility is what I feel is most likely, and that is that there is some sort of contaminant remaining on the floor after the strip or scrub. This would prevent leveling and adhesion, repelling the finish in a manner of speaking. It could be stripper residue, some sort of solvent such as oil-based dust mop treatment, or silicone drops. Always rinse well after floor prep work and make certain the floor is dry before applying finish. Is the finish mop itself dragging residue out of cracks in old tiles or the seams between?
Check all these possibilities before looking to the finish itself.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editorlekrafft@juno.com

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