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[Thursday, October 13, 2011]
I maintain the VCT floors in a 10,000 sq. ft. medical building. The floors were given one coat of finish by a post construction cleaning company. I then added 4 coats of Syntec Duraguard 25. I autoscrub with a red pad twice weekly, dust mop every night. Burnish after autoscrub. I have been scrubbing and recoating the heavy traffic areas occasionally. Recently, in preparation for winter grit and salt, I added 3 coats. That makes for 8 to 10 coats in the main hallways. Is this too much finish? Can this make the flooring even more slippery when wet? Was I correct in thinking that additional layers of finish would give me more to work with when I need to autoscrub every night come winter?
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Undoubtedly, 8-10 coats of finish are producing an outstanding gloss. And, this heavy application should wear for an extended period of time. However, two negatives include, extra labor and chemical required during your stripping cycle, and reduced traction when the floor is wet. The heavy thickness of finish levels out imperfections and produces an ultra-smooth surface.
I would recommend only adding additional coats to the traffic lanes when there is noticeable wear. Make sure you have extra matting for inclement weather and continue with a red pad on the scrub operation so that the floor is microscopically “roughed up”, which could improve traction.

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