We Offer Office Cleaning For Hornell, N.Y. 14843!!

We Offer Office Cleaning For Hornell, N.Y. 14843!!


The value of walking away
By Edward H. Cross
SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

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Everyone in the service industry should want all the work they can get — usually.

But, there are times when it is best to just say “no” and turn down jobs. Yes, walk away, and sometimes… walk away fast.

It happens to the best of us. When times are tougher, we are tempted to take every job that comes in the door. But the temptation to add a few dollars to our bottom line can mean trouble in the long run, if that job doesn’t turn out as expected.

There can be key indicators that a job may not be worth taking. As a restorer, you know what those are; you often feel them in your gut. Listen to that little voice that says “You don’t want this one — let it go.” It may just be a whisper, but it should have a powerful influence on your final decision whether you should do business with certain potential customers.

Even those customers that seem very nice, that agree to all of your initial suggestions, can turn into the customer that you wish you had never set eyes upon.

Instead of taking on the attitude of accepting each job, start thinking quality versus quantity. In the long run, you will be glad you did, both from a legal and a profitability standpoint.

Edward H. Cross is president of Cross & Associates in Palm Desert, CA. His firm frequently represents restoration contractors nationwide. Cross can be reached at ed@edcross.com.

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