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[Friday, July 20, 2012]
I am bidding on 13,000 sq. ft. of office space, 23 offices, 4 conference rooms, 1 large meeting room, 1 lunchroom/kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 18 cubicle work stations, 1 elevator, 1 stair case, and common area. The job is 5 days a week. How many hours and how many people should I use for the basic work?
Bidding & Estimating - Sheila Ramsey


Among other things, your building survey must identify: the work station density (number of employees divided into the total square footage), the building use (including the inclusion or exclusion of internal housekeeping during the day) and the cleaning specs (frequency of deep cleaning vs. partial or spot cleaning). You have the square footage and frequency, and some data to calculate WSD (work station density). If there are 23 offices and 18 cubicles, then there could be a work station density of 317 sq. ft. per person (13K divided by 41). This means the layout is open as opposed to compact, thus increasing cleaning speeds.
The CMM bookstore offers a bidding software package that takes this data and converts it to a production rate. Not knowing the building use and condition, it would be difficult to arrive at an exact answer. The range could be 3000 sq. ft. per hour and up to 5000 sq. ft. per hour, if the cleaning specs are relaxed. The higher rate can be obtained with a partial clean 4 nights a week, without dusting and a traffic lane touch up for vacuuming.
If your production rate calculations arrive at, say, 3200 sq. ft. per hour, then it would take 4.06 hours per night which two people can easily knock out in an evening. On the other hand, occasionally you run into a facility that demands white glove cleaning each night. Everything is polished, all details are cleaned, and the facility must be immaculate. In that case, your production rate could be down to 2400 sq. ft. per hour. A comprehensive cleaning variable score/survey is the key to accurate production rates.

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