We Offer Floor Cleaning For Corning, N.Y. 14836!!

We Offer Floor Cleaning For Corning, N.Y. 14836!!


Does your company have a CVO?

By Larry Galler

May 16, 2012

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In a small business, and most of the people who read Cleanfax are in small businesses, the responsibilities of a CVO are usually the responsibilities of the owner.

But most business owners in this industry are very active multi-taskers who are filling lots of job functions and, on top of making decisions, answering the phone, ordering supplies, and working in the field, don’t think of themselves as a CVO. In fact many, if not most, don’t know what a CVO is and yet, it is a vital position to a business that the owner wants to grow.

What’s a CVO? It’s a Chief Visionary Officer, the person who defines, communicates, and implements the vision of the company. The CVO creates the vision of what the company can become, communicates that vision both internally (to the staff and stakeholders) and externally (to clients, prospects, and stakeholders – the banker and / or investors). The CVO motivates others to see that the vision is important, worth the effort, and then tracks progress the company makes towards the achievement of that vision.

Does your company need a CVO? Maybe. Not all companies need one. Your company does not need a CVO if you are satisfied with the volume of business, if you are satisfied with the velocity of growth, if you are more concerned with taking two strokes off your golf score than reaching for the stars, or if you think of your business as your job instead of your business…

You do need a CVO if you have more ambition than your current velocity of growth, if you have worlds to conquer and want to achieve greatness. So, if you have determined that you need to have a CVO… you might be the company visionary, the person who wears that title. Are you prepared?

Can you ask, and then answer these two questions: “What can this business become?” and “What do I want this company to become?”

And, of course, your answers to those questions bring up a lot of other questions that will then need to be asked, and answered. Can you close your eyes and visualize your “Company Of The Future?” What can your company be like in 10 years? How much sales volume? How much profit? How many locations How many people? How many clients? What will it take to reach that 10-year vision and where will you be on that path in five years, then one year, then in just one month into the future?

That’s what the CVO does... he creates the vision. And then the CVO turns over the project to the CEO to bring that grand vision to reality.

Now, in the small business, and most readers of this magazine fit that description, the CVO and the CEO (and in most cases the tech, and office person) are the same person. And you have to fulfill all these functions of the business so you are switching roles all day long, every day.

Can you visualize or create the activities your company will need to accomplish in order to achieve those goals? Can you communicate your energy and ambition to inspire others both within and outside your organization? Can you track progress, make mid-course adjustments, and keep fighting forward through good times and bad? If so, you’ve got a new job title or an addition to your current title.

See you in the future!

Larry Galler specializes in coaching owners of small businesses to grow their business through effective marketing, customer retention programs and systemizing their business practices. Explore how he can help you during a free coaching session by calling (219)464-9463 or e-mail Larry@LarryGaller.com. Visit his website at www.OneYearToGreatness.com.

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