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[Tuesday, June 07, 2011]
What is the formula I can use to estimate how long a strip/refinish job will take? I want to make sure I have enough man hours to complete a job. How many square feet can a person strip/ finish per hour, etc. All the furniture will already be moved, and we will have full access to the room. Thank you.
Bidding & Estimating - Justin Bostock


There is no such formula because there are too many variables to take into consideration. How many coats are on the floor, how has it been maintained, what sort of equipment do you have, how long will the finish take to cure, etc?
The ISSA's Cleaning Times guide will help somewhat, but it, too, acknowledges the variables on every job.
If you have no similar experience to go by, charge by the hour. Tell the client your rate for unknown floor jobs is $45 / hour or what ever, and do it that way. Keep records and soon you will have a better idea of what is involved as far as time is concerned.

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