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[Wednesday, May 25, 2011]
I am trying to get information about the durability of Centiva® no finish flooring tiles and what some of the problems may be in facilities that have had the product for several years, preferably in a hospital setting or, at least, a high traffic building. Also, report any problems that may have developed in regards to cleaning and maintenance/repair/installation.
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Well, we can wait for another few weeks, but it appears no one on our list has any experience with Centiva.® May I suggest putting your question on the CMM bulletin board to reach others who may have a basis for comment?
As we wait, let me make a comment on something I found on the website at www.centiva.com/v2/www/SpecsPDFs/Clean_Green_Specs.pdf. This listing of cleaning procedures refers the reader to several Centi products the tile manufacturer has private labeled and recommends for its flooring.
One is a no-rinse floor cleaner, another a low odor, zinc free finish, still another a “green” stripper, all part of the maintenance system. Environmentally sound stuff, although I can’t comment on the pricing you will encounter with specialty products such as these.
The one product that concerns me is the Centi Maintain that “Cleans, Maintains, & Restores in One Application”. We are assured that it will clean and leave “a micro layer that dries to a gloss appearance.” And this, all in one operation!
While there are many marvels being developed by modern science, I sincerely doubt that breaking up soils on a dirty floor while leaving a clean film at the same time is one of them. The old “Mop & Go” time saver ploy has been attempted by who knows how many manufacturers over the years and I have yet to see one that can pull it off.
The mop water containing the solution becomes rapidly polluted and any layer of finish, micro or otherwise, left on the floor will be polluted as well. There may be a better argument for the use of the product in an autoscrubber which is constantly using fresh solution as it rolls along, but the risk of sealing in dirt is still too great for me to find comfort in this “time & labor” saving approach to daily, or even periodic, maintenance.
I would recommend a light scrub before any finish application, period. No finish on even a lightly soiled floor, and mopping itself will not clean the surface well enough.
Other than this easily avoided “bad practice”, and the company’s web people’s uncertainty about when to use principals and principles, the flooring looks as if it is environmentally responsible with a 20 year warranty against “wear out” as long as the product is “installed and maintained and used as intended and recommended”. I just hope that doesn’t include staying with the two-in-one operation I commented on above.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editorlekrafft@juno.com

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