A.C.S. Offers Air-Duct Cleaning In Elmira, N.Y. 14903!!!

A.C.S. Offers Air-Duct Cleaning In Elmira, N.Y. 14903!!!

The Green Advantage

October 20, 2011

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Advantage Cleaning Services Does Air-Duct Cleaning In Elmira, N.Y. 14903!!

In a tough marketplace, restoration contractors need a new angle, a different approach to increasing profits and building their business.

An every-increasing “good fit” for them is green, and this doesn’t mean the color of money. Disinfecting and deodorizing services for clients who may already have a contract cleaning or in-house cleaning staff is proving to be a popular option for restoration contractors.

Green cleaning and green disinfecting products are typically off the contractor radar, and restorers often ignore products considered “green” despite media exposure. But start talking about landing new, extremely profitable and steady business by using green disinfectants in schools and government buildings, and you get their attention.

Some contractors, by simply obtaining an audience with school board members, land contracts because no one else is pushing green disinfecting services. Schools are frequently keen to listen to proposals because of their desire to have the cleanest of facilities, minimizing contagious illnesses.

One method restoration contractors can earn more profits is by using Xactimate, which allows contractors to bill for “green” products. By using the botanical antimicrobial code in Xactimate, contractors can make more money by simply applying product to surfaces, when they are performing insurance work.

Daycares, health clubs, senior facilities, dentist offices, health clinics and many other facilities, especially schools, are all potential clients for this type of highly specialized service using green disinfectants. Some schools operate on funding per head, so it is in their best interests to keep students healthy and in attendance.

Selling clean and healthy programs

There are many approaches to how a contractor can “pitch” his cleaning and disinfection plan to facilities.

It all depends on the contractor’s own abilities, his drive and motivation, and what he can bring to the table in regards to creating a healthier environment.

Some contractors will do regular testing of surfaces for bacteria and molds and report back to the school the problem areas. This provides verification of the school''s maintenance program, which not only protects against an outbreak but also makes the school proactive if liabilities are a concern.

Some contractors will simply offer a cleaning and disinfecting program that goes beyond the abilities of janitorial or custodial staff. This would take the form of one application before school starts and then every three months or so, depending on the facility.

A restoration contractor could simply “fog” disinfectants during summer breaks, working outside of school hours so there is no disruption. Additional applications could be applied during flu season or if attendance drops due to increased sickness.

Locker rooms are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria and molds, so the plan may just center on those areas. It just takes one reported case and the school goes into panic.

MRSA outbreaks are very common among schools that specialize in wrestling, so regular disinfecting of locker rooms and showers are extremely important. If a full outbreak occurs (like (H1N1), then the contractor will move in with an established plan to test, contain and decontaminate the building quickly and effectively.

A concern for the school is the health of their students. This not only includes protecting them from microbial growth and molds but also from toxic chemicals. The restoration contractor is now armed with green disinfectants to meet both of these requirements.

The sell would be to minimize down time, keep the indoor environment healthy and clean, and give the school a plan of action if a problem occurs. The contractor goes on retainer, ready to jump into action if an event occurs.

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