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[Sunday, October 16, 2011]
What type of floor finish is better for high traffic floors?
Cleaning Procedures - jose fung


There is no single finish that will be better than others because much depends on the maintenance you can provide for the finish.
Will you be following a scrub and recoat program or will you be burnishing with a high speed machine? Maybe you will be restoring the finish with a spray buff occasionally?
The finishes will differ according to the maintenance and some procedures are more labor intensive than others.
Choose a finish by applying it correctly on a clean floor and then following the recommended maintenance. Record the intervals between restorations and see, in your setting, what works best for you.
Your Jan-San supplier may have some suggestions as well.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editorlekrafft@juno.com

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