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We Offer Office Cleaning For Big Flats, N.Y. 14814!!!


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[Monday, October 31, 2011]
I have mirror tiled floors that are dull. I have scrubbed, but it does not bring back the shine. Years of wear seem to have removed the factory gloss. Is there anything I can do to bring back a shine on the floor?
Cleaning Procedures - heidi thew


Yes, there are probably things you can do, but I doubt any of them will turn out to be good, cost effective, long term solutions. Here are some options; if you plan to try them, do so in a one foot square or less area to determine process and product, and proceed from there based on the results you get.
I often use a Makita model 9227c angle polisher for testing and in small or confined space jobs. The polisher is inexpensive, light weight, fast, and the speed is adjustable to 600 RPM which gives good control without burning the floor or tearing pads apart.
1. Scrub, rinse, and wet vacuum the floor.
2. Spray or mop on a restorer and then burnish with a soft white pad.
3. Polish with diamond impregnated pads. Use the highest grit possible and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
4. Apply a topical coating. This can be anything from regular floor finish to an epoxy, urethane, or other type of coating.
5. Use a powder polishing compound made for ceramic tile. This is normally used on unglazed tile, but may be worth at try. Granquartz or International Stone Works are sources for these products.
6. Spray on a marble type cleaner-polish and buff until dry with a soft yarn type carpet bonnet under a standard 175 RPM floor machine. Two or three application and polish cycles may be needed. The reality is that the floor surface may be scratched and there is no easy or good fix.

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