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[Friday, July 27, 2012]
Our new court house has terrazzo flooring as you enter each floor (there are 4 floors). I would estimate as much as 3000 sq. ft. per floor to maintain daily. What equipment would you recommend to increase efficiency for daily maintenance and also scheduled maintenance, as required. I know the right equipment will reduce the labor cost for maintaining the terrazzo and make time available for other duties.
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There are several factors to consider depending on what’s been done already. If the floor has a penetrating sealer applied and no topical finish or sealer applied, the best approach is to keep it that way and to use a combination of diamond impregnated floor pads and normal polishing pads under an auto-scrubber. By combination, I mean that once you get the shine established with the diamond pads, then, for daily cleaning, you use a white or soft hogshair pad and then, once a month or quarter or less, go back to using the highest grit diamond pad to bring the gloss back a little. The key here is figuring out the frequency of how often you need to go back to the diamond pads and how long you can use a white pad until it’s time to go back to using the diamond pad for a wk or less. This all depends on the traffic level and how often you do your dust mopping and how good a job you do of keeping the gritty soil off the floor with entry matting.
All the major, and a number of independent manufacturers, offer the diamond impregnated pads. Don’t let the price per pad scare you, once you get the shine to where you want it, the higher grit pads may last 500,000 sq. ft. or more before they need replacement. Here are a couple of links that have videos and procedures available on the process. Beyond this, check with your local suppliers and do a little more research on line.
If the floor has topical finish, either stick with that or remove it and go finish free as outlined above.www.monkeypads.comwww.cheetahpads.com

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