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We Offer Business Cleaning For Corning, N.Y. 14836!!!


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[Saturday, December 03, 2011]
I am working on a large retail facility with six sets of public restrooms and need to include monthly supplies as a fixed price. The facility receives 100,000 visitors per week that have access. Supplies are standard roll towels, tp, seat covers, bulk soap, and liners. Is there a formula to help estimate?
Bidding & Estimating - Jim Machado


You might start at the ISSA website at: http://www.issa.com/data/File/ConsumableCalculator.swf
Most product suppliers should have access to similar calculators for different settings and they should be able to answer your questions. Check with your local product supplier to see what resources they have available.
Also, research some manufacturer’s sites. Kimberly-Clark provides one on-line. It may be helpful. www.kcprofessional.com/us/tools/ProductUseCalc.asp
Keep in mind the disclaimers on all such aids. Things change and these are estimates, not guaranteed numbers.
My recommendation is to supply the product at an agreed upon cost per case for x months and then revisit the numbers for the next period. That way you are not tied to a guess at what will be used.
100,000 users a week will go through a lot of product. The facility should have some records of past usage you can work with to start. If not, you are taking that guess and that could be costly.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editorlekrafft@juno.com

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