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[Tuesday, December 01, 2009]
I am adding a new service such as touchless restroom cleaning and I don’t know how to price it. I need help to get ideas about how to bid this service for existent customers and especially for a potential customer.
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I would suggest calculating fixtures and floors separately. Begin by measuring the square footage of the floors and then perform a fixture count. Since I am guessing some of your prospects will come from neglected facilities, I would err on the high side for estimated labor.
More than likely, encrusted build up will require brush agitation to loosen and remove the soil. Mineral and urine buildup will require initial acidic treatments. Floors might require a hydro-spinner for initial cleanup. In this case, you would likely clean the fixtures at 4 min. each and the floors at 400 sq. ft. per hour. Since I am one hour south of you in Colorado Springs, I would expect to see billing rates of $45-$65 an hour. If two large restrooms took two hours to initially clean including all set up and cleanup, then you might be looking at $100.
However, I once timed a spray and vac service out of Denver who cleaned a chain restaurant account once a week and they knocked out two large restrooms in 40 minutes once they were in shape. For small jobs, you will need to determine your minimum trip charge.
Bidding becomes more accurate as you develop a difficulty factor based on usage and traffic. We use a modified rating scale for our bidding software. Also, make sure the walls are water tight before agreeing to clean the area. If you are interested, feel free to contact me for a free report on setting up a restroom cleaning service.

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