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Preparing Your Facility For Holiday Traffic


Is your facility ready for long lines and shop-till-you-drop customers? With many retailers already announcing their door-buster deals ahead of Black Friday, customers will be waiting anxiously the minute doors open. Don’t get caught unprepared during one of the busiest shopping days of the year.“In addition to an increased stream of customers, most retail facilities are open for longer hours during the holiday season,” said John Engel, Director of Marketing, Cintas Corporation. “Couple that with unpredictable winter weather, and even small issues can cause an ill-prepared retailer to quickly melt into chaos.”

Still Stepping Over Trash? Advantage Cleaning Services-Best Commercial Cleaning In Horseheads, NY 14845.  Go To for great cleaning tips.

Cintas offers seven tips to help retailers get ready for the holiday shopping season:1. Inspect. In the days leading up to Black Friday, inspect doors, locks, seals, windows and other glass surfaces such as display cases for minor glass cracks.2. Stock up. From toilet paper to cleaning chemicals, make sure each store has enough supplies to account for the additional traffic.3. Prepare. With the influx of customers, employees may fall behind on daily cleaning duties so make sure the store is in top condition before opening. Make sure all building repairs are made, windows and floors are sparkling and staff uniforms are clean.4. Safety first. Be sure first-aid cabinets are stocked and up-to-date with adequate supplies to limit the impact of cuts, bruises and other injuries resulting from slips and falls or other accidents. Make sure employees have basic first-response training so they know what to do in an emergency situation.5. Prepare for unexpected weather conditions. Weather during this time of year is unpredictable at best, so protect floors – and customers – with a mat system. In the case of excess moisture, place mats near entryways to eliminate puddles that can accumulate throughout the day. Stock ice and snow removal products, such as salt or sand, to help prevent slips and falls on outdoor walkways and parking lots.6. Practice the plan. Increase your employees’ confidence and readiness to handle various situations by conducting simulations. How are traffic flows and longer lines addressed? What actions should be taken if there is a heavy storm, electricity outage or emergency closure?7. Know who to call. It’s the morning of Black Friday and the front gate won’t open. Is a plan in place to handle this type of emergency situation? Limit interruptions such as broken doors or plumbing issues by contracting with an emergency service provider who can resolve issues quickly and minimize the impact of any disruption.



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