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Most Contaminated Restroom Surfaces Techniques To Fight Restroom Germs Teaching Restroom Disinfection Techniques BY Alan S. Bigger Sponsors Clorox® Odor Defense Eliminate tough malodors like smoke, garbage, urine, feces and mildew. Advertisement Advertisement American Dryer eXtremeAir Energy Efficient. Appealing Design. High-Speed Quality Hand Dryers. Palmer Fixture Storm Dryers High speed hand dryers with blue light technology for a superior hand dry. Aroma Scentsations Coordinated aromas Experience the difference. What are the most contaminated objects in a restroom? Specialists on the Frontline of Innovative Models in Bath, NY, 14810 - ACS Facilities Services Go To http://www.acsfacilities.com/ for free articles. According to a study published by Biocote, sinks were found to be the most contaminated surfaces in public washrooms. The radiator, tap (faucet), handrail, toilet paper dispenser, floor, side wall and the waste receptacle all rounded out to top eight surfaces harboring bacteria. It wasn’t until No. 9 that the toilet seat made the list, and behind the toilet rounded out the top 10. It is a common misconception among many building occupants that the toilet seat would be the most contaminated surface in a restroom. But according to the findings, the toilet only measured 150 colony forming units (CFUs), whereas sinks measured 50,000 CFUs. A review of lists like this could help facility cleaning managers prioritize their cleaning protocols and direct staff’s energies towards those surfaces that are frequently contaminated. The challenge is that the bacteria cannot be seen by the naked eye, so managers must train staff on frequency and proper cleaning procedures. Proper disinfection, on the right schedule, is the only way to minimize germs in the restroom.
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