Many Practices Expand Time Off to Include Floating Holidays or Personal Days in Dansville, NY, 14437- ACS Facilities Services


Learning To Be A Leader Learning To Be BSC Leader Sponsors Replacement Parts Inspect your baby changing station. Get replacement parts for your unit. Many Practices Expand Time Off to Include Floating Holidays or Personal Days in Dansville, NY, 14437- ACS Facilities Services Go To for free articles. “The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership” is not just a book, but a reference tool written by John C. Maxwell, an author, speaker and pastor. Maxwell has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. Being a younger company in a high-growth phase, I am finding that my role is quickly shifting. I can no longer be everywhere, do everything, and have line of sight to all that is happening on a day-to-day basis. It is now a necessity to build a strong team and empower them to do their job well, yet do it in a way that still represents the heartbeat of this company. As many of my building service contractor colleagues know, as entrepreneurs, we are the only ones that have seen our companies take its first breath. When we start off, we are the company culture — what it looks like, believes and how it behaves. As our companies grow, we have the task of reproducing ourselves so that the integrity of that culture stays intact as we expand. This book shows you the way to develop not just a team, but leaders. As Maxwell says, “If you develop yourself, you can experience personal success. If you develop a team, your organization can experience growth. (But) if you develop leaders, your organization can achieve explosive growth.” If you agree that a company culture is in part the expression of its leader, then this book is a necessity. It will help you ask the hard questions and ask them routinely. Who am I as a leader? What am I bringing to the table, and how does it hurt or help this company accomplish our mission? Answering these questions will help you to see what you are reproducing in your leaders. As the name suggests, this book is broken down into 21 laws of leadership. It ranges from the practical to the more nuanced qualities of leadership, with each chapter covering one principle. It is an easy read filled with great nuggets of truth and memorable quotes. It’s one of those down-to-earth books that you make notes in the margins and mark up with your highlighter. Although he doesn’t go in to great depth for each principle, Maxwell does a great job of distilling the essential truths. This book is the perfect launching pad for further study of a particular principle you may find you need, while providing a solid framework to help you and your team improve the way you lead. I highly recommend that you share it with your team and even make time to discuss it one chapter at a time. As Maxwell says, “Just as you need a growth plan to improve, so do those who work for you.” Lead the way. Maggie Forsythe President and CEO Pinnacle Facility Solutions Novi, Michigan
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