MGMA Small Talk: Protecting Against HIPAA Violations and Breaches in Cuba, NY, 14727 - ACS Facilities Services

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MGMA Small Talk: Protecting Against HIPAA Violations and Breaches in Cuba, NY, 14727 - ACS Facilities Services

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s I turn the page on another calendar year, I can’t help but reflect on a few accomplishments from the last 12 months.

I’m proud to say that in 2015, Facility Cleaning Decisions successfully added two additional issues to our frequency. Now, readers have more frequent access to industry trends and topics pertaining to their careers and departments.

Personally, 2015 marked my 10th year as editor of this great publication. I remember my first couple years, still meeting readers and building relationships. And now, it’s all hugs and warm hellos as I walk industry events. This is an industry I’m extremely proud to be a part of.

Lastly, 2015 marked the year where I was finally able to respond to the many requests from readers regarding the size of the publication. As you can see, Facility Cleaning Decisions is no longer “the big magazine” that doesn’t fit in your briefcase or on your bookshelves. Instead, we’ve changed the size of the pages, and added a whole lot more of them.

In response to reader feedback, we’re offering some new and exciting sections aimed at helping you stay abreast of industry tends and better manage your department for the future.

You’ll notice that we’ve brought back an “Industry News” section. Watch for departmental recognition, awards, announcements on industry changes, association updates and educational offerings. In addition to our daily news on, we’ll feature industry highlights in this section every issue. If you have news to share, please send it our way.

I’ve also heard readers’ requests for more product information. You’ll notice that we’ve dedicated even more pages to the latest innovations, and expanded the size of our case studies.

Finally, I’m fully aware that Facility Cleaning Decisions readers aren’t only interested in cleaning topics. After all, you are managers, overseeing very large staffs. You’ll find Ben Walker’s management column to be very insightful when faced with employee challenges.

It is our mission to create a publication that serves our readers in the best way possible. I’m proud to say that this new design and all the new informational offerings will do just that.

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