Working for a boring company and with bad people is a drag. You deserve to have a purpose.

A normal job is mundane and boring. Join ACS and feel like you're making a difference at work!


Joining our Team is More Than Getting a Typical "Job"

Class A Facility
  • Get paid to stay in shape
  • Impact your community
  • Work with people you love
  • Become a ROCKSTAR
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Prevent COVID-19 exposure
  • Have peace of mind

Getting Out of Your Hopeless Job is Super Easy:

1. Apply

Completely fill out our online application and our team will review your submission within 24 hours.

2. Zoom Interview

Once your application is accepted, you'll be scheduled for an interview with our team conducted via Zoom.

3. Become a ROCKSTAR

After a successful interview, you'll complete our online training and participate in a virtual on- boarding.

Our Values


The good of the Team comes before the goood of any individual. Thereby, adding value to your clients and vendors. By placing our Team First, they place you first.


It seems the worst decision is to make no-decision. So, adding value to clients by empowering our trusted TEAM to make middle managment decisions on the spot makes sense...doesn't it?


We treat and reward people in a manner they earn and deserve. Keeping this in mind, we add value to our partners by focusing on EEC (effective, efficient, competitve) procedure adjustments. Continuous improvement builds on your experience.


It just makes sense to have fun while working with others who like to have fun. We enjoy having a good time at


Doesn't it feel amazing when you can be comfortable with people you work with who "shoot straight" without "beating around the bush"?


Yes. To our regular recurring clients. We act with a sense of urgency to complete requested COVID cleans

We are frequently told by our clients that we’re the one company that when called to have something taken care of or fixed that it gets taken care of right away. That's right...We have your back!!! You don’t have to call a second time!!!!

All ACS employees go through a thorough background check with the company BSCAI background checks which may include a drug screening. Most employees have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

Yes. Should TEAM member change become permanent, you will be notified of the change and why the change was made.

Not typically. All our service agreements can be cancelled with a 90 day written notice.
*Should the agreement be of size and require a significant investment in equipment it may be necessary to utilize 1-2 year terms.

ACS’s CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) will contact your TEAM leader immediately and you will receive a call back from leadership within minutes.

Yes. To our regular recurring clients, we offer carpet cleaning, hard floor, and window cleaning services.

Throughout the year we will request partnering meetings where we will inspect your facility, ask for a 1-5 quality rating, talk with you about any related cleaning issues and then report back to you on how the issue was resolved.

No. All ACS cleaning techs are employees of ACS Facility Services backed by its workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and are bonded.

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