Are Your Restrooms In Your Facility Meeting Today’s Standards in Hornell, NY, 14843


Restroom Products That Help With ADA Requirements
Common Mistakes In ADA Restrooms

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TAre Your Restrooms In Your Facility Meeting Today’s Standards in Hornell, NY, 14843.
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here are some misconceptions that restroom products can be ADA certified, but there is no such certification. ADA has defined regulations that facilities must adhere to. Simply put, the products must be usable by persons with disabilities. And they must be installed at a mounting height and in a location that is usable by these individuals.

Purchasers must be aware that just because a manufacturer claims that a product is “ADA Compliant,” that is not a guarantee.

Currently, there are no ADA standards for items that are manufactured (i.e., dispensers, furniture, fixtures). And because there are no standards, no enforcement is readily available to review and determine compliance, and therefore no penalties to the manufacturer.

The compliance of an item is often determined by the place and way in which it is mounted in the built environment. But, that does not mean that the U.S. Justice Department will not include these items or elements if a facility is being investigated for non-compliance.

Additional Tips

Joan Stein recently offered a free online education session titled, “How to Design, Operate and Maintain an ADA Compliant Restroom.” The webcast addressed:
• The main elements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• How the built environment is impacted by ADA law
• What constitutes compliant restroom fixtures and dispensers, according to ADA requirements
• Techniques to maintaining an ADA-compliant restroom
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