ACS Does Janitorial Servicing In Elmira, N.Y. 14903!!

ACS Does Janitorial Servicing In Elmira, N.Y. 14903!!


US Products release 6.2

June 02, 2011

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Advantage Cleaning Services Offers Janitorial Cleaning In Elmira, N.Y. 14903!!

Carpet Cleaners Survey: Few Tips but Still More than Expected

Mukilteo, WA – A survey conducted in May 2011 asked carpet cleaners how often they receive monetary tips from their customers at the completion of a job and if they even expect a tip.

According to the survey:

· 29 percent said they never get a tip at the end of the job.

· 65 percent reported they get a tip “once in a while.”

· About 7 percent said they usually get a tip.*

However, nearly 90 percent of the respondents said they “never expect a tip.”

The survey was conducted by AlturaSolutions Communications for U.S. Products (, a leading manufacturer of portable carpet extractors, floorcare equipment, and related cleaning equipment.**

More than 300 carpet cleaners were e-mailed invitations to take the online survey. A total of 61 technicians completed the survey.

“In some parts of the country, tipping is expected no matter what the service,” says Nick Wiebe, marketing manager for U.S. Products. “However, for most carpet cleaners, receiving a tip is rare and, as the survey indicates, not often expected.”

For those carpet cleaners receiving gratuities, about 75 percent indicated they were less than $25; 8 percent reported they were more than $25; but one technician reported not accepting a tip “even if it was offered.”

“The survey also asked about [service] charges,” adds Wiebe. “About 40 percent of the techs said they charge more for weekend [carpet] cleaning jobs, while most of the rest said their charges are not affected by the day of the week.”

As to charges based on the type of customer, residential or commercial, about 15 percent said they charge commercial customers more than residential customers; 15 percent reported just the opposite—they charged residential clients more than commercial; however, more than 50 percent, indicated “it all depends on the job.”

*Figures are rounded; may not equal 100 percent

**This is not a scientific study; the system does try to ensure that respondents do not take the survey more than once.

About U.S. Products

U.S. Products has been manufacturing cleaning equipment for carpeting, floors, draperies, upholstery, and restoration for more than 25 years. The company is well known for its innovative internal heating systems, which deliver 212°F at the wand tip; its top-quality components; and its solid-state circuitry, which allow for precise operation and equipment control.

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